The Need

The LAP Foundation exists solely to raise funds to support NC LAP in its efforts to help lawyers and judges with mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems obtain the treatment they need. NC LAP staff are adept at leveraging scholarships and matching grants at various treatment centers when possible, as well as working with therapists and counselors who are willing to work on a sliding fee scale. However, the sad reality is that many lawyers and judges cannot afford the treatment they so desperately need because their impairment has either clouded their judgement or left them incapable of adequately managing their affairs to the point they are in financial ruin.

How We Help

The LAP Foundation provides grants and loans to lawyers and judges who qualify financially for assistance. In order to qualify, a lawyer or judge must meet financial eligibility guidelines and not have the benefit of family assistance or funds in retirement savings vehicles like a 401K or IRA. Because lawyers and judges are reticent to ask for help, most grant and loan recipients are in some form or combination of bankruptcy, foreclosure and/or homelessness.