• “‘May I not die while I am still alive.’ This simple prayer was lost on me in 2012, for I was dead in spirit and drowning in alcohol. My life was in shambles. My practice had dropped off, creating constant worry about how to pay the bills. I saw no way out of my circumstances. I spent my days drinking, lying in bed, listening to NPR. Chronic despair made me wish I were dead. I had given up.

    When LAP intervened and told me I needed to go into treatment, I was shocked, humiliated, and terrified. I was panicked about cost, but the LAP Foundation gave me a loan on extremely reasonable payment terms. That loan allowed me to get the help I needed without the added anxiety about finances. I am so grateful. My life is now full and alcohol-free and my practice is thriving.

    Now my first prayer upon rising is, ‘Thank you.’”

  • “Depression had consumed my life. The only way I could hide the hurt and pain was by using drugs. I saw no way out and didn’t care whether I lived or died. I was financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually bankrupt. Consequently, in 2018, I found myself unemployed without any insurance. The LAP Foundation of NC provided me a loan so that I could get the treatment and counseling that I desperately needed. My life has been transformed. LAP and that loan from the LAP Foundation saved my life. Becoming employed again during COVID has been a challenge, and the Foundation graciously extended my repayment deadline. Today, an attitude of gratitude is what consumes my life. I was so happy to be able to recently repay my loan in full. If it wasn’t for my family, friends, my support network, LAP, and the LAP Foundation of NC, I would not be here today.”

  • “After 25 years of child abuse and neglect cases, I was incapacitated by depression. I had stopped sending in fee aps for court-appointed work and stopped billing private clients. It took what little energy I had to show up in court. I broke down in court one day. I could not go on. LAP was a God send. But I had no money, no health insurance, and my house was in foreclosure. I could not afford medication or counseling. The LAP Foundation paid for my medication and counseling until I was stable enough to work and bill again. I cannot imagine where I’d be today without the help I received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

  • “NC LAP and the LAP Foundation stood up for me when I could not stand on my own. I had survived my entire life with the mistaken idea that seeking help was an indication of weakness. I was knocked down. I was afraid, and I was angry. I was facing the potential loss of my career and inability to provide for my family along with the realization that I could not fix the situation. Though I did not believe in mental health treatment, counseling, or support groups, I did all three. Miraculously, they all helped. I had no reliable income, and the LAP Foundation supported my recovery by loaning me money to obtain the services I needed. I am back to practicing law full-time and I could not be more grateful.”

  • “When I was totally broke (financially, spiritually, emotionally…) and was willing and wanting to go to a residential treatment center for substance abuse treatment, I was unable. I had no insurance, no real savings, tapped out credit and no one that I could confidentially ask for money to finance the treatment. LAP discreetly found me a bed at a residential program and the Foundation loaned me the necessary money to reserve that bed. It saved my life, my career and my dignity. That was all in 2013, and I would not have been able to achieve sobriety without that loan.”